2019 Sassicaia – A 3X 100 Point Wine!

Founded in 1934, we are known for our high-end inventory of the world’s rarest and most sought-after wines, including investment grade wines. While most investment grade wines come from Bordeaux and Burgundy, Italy has a few wines that fit into this category, including Sassicaia. Sassicaia is a Super Tuscan that always impresses, and it’s chased by collectors and wine connoisseurs.

“Sassicaia is the single most under-priced investment grade wine on the planet. Good vintages always seem to sell quickly.” – Dave Sokolin

We currently have one of the highest scoring Sassicaias ever produced - 2019 Sassicaia. 2019 Sassicaia is a 3x 100 point wine! Scoring 100 points from wine critics, Decanter, The Wine Independent and The International Wine Report, the 2019 vintage is one of the highest scoring Sassicaias in history at about 1/10th the price of the others! The other 100 pointer is the 1985 vintage that sells for $3,000+ / bottle vs the 2019 vintage that sells for $389 / bottle.

When tasting 2019 Sassicaia, our team of buyers thought it was one of the best new releases of Sassicaia that they have experienced and were surprised at how accessible it was being so young! The purity of fruit was present, the tannins were super soft, and the finish was incredible and very long.

If you’re a fan of Sassicaia or enjoy collecting the best wines, 2019 Sassicaia is a must-own wine that should be in your wine cellar. It will most likely will go up in price. Lock in this low price of $389 / bottle and order yours today before the price increases!