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Champagne Blend Wines

When it comes to sparkling wines, there are a few brands that are considered practically “royalty.” Champagne blend bottles instantly convince you to share this opinion through their sheer quality. While it is now produced in many countries around the world, it originates from Champagne in northern France. There are very few sparklers that even come close to this level of divine architecture. Nothing short of a miracle could make a drink this tasty while also making it consistent over the years.

The secret lies in the high-quality grape varietals used in the blend. The three main varietals come together like that’s what they were raised for, each bringing its unique traits and qualities to the mix. Chardonnay gives it a fresh, vivacious feel, and an elegance and finesse much like that of a ballet dancer, except this time the performance is in your mouth. Pinot Noir improves the texture of the sparkler in a way that makes it incredibly compelling to drink and think about, while also adding some unique flavors.

Pinot Meunier is the least represented, but adds a huge amount of consistency to the other two, being the first to ripen and thus avoiding any frost damage that would otherwise harm the experience – and what an experience it is! If you can wrap your lips around a Champagne blend from 2015 or a similarly outstanding year, you’ll be brought down to your knees.

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