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Many of you are already familiar with Waterstone Cabernet Sauvignon. Over the past decade, Waterstone Winery has built a reputation for its top quality Napa Valley Cabernets. Part of what makes Waterstone so special is that its wines taste like Cali-Cult wines without the Cali-Cult prices, impressing wine aficionados as well as those just discovering the world of wine.  

We were first introduced to this winery several years ago, and 2001 was the first vintage we sold. Waterstone has been a best-selling wine at Sokolin, year after year.

The 2015 vintage ($33.95 / btl) is now in stock, and they ...

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Wine lovers seem to love to Rosé All Day, especially millennials, and Rosé has taken the wine world by storm. It’s now said to be the fastest growing wine category in America. Its popularity has resulted in phrases like “Rosé All Day” and “Yes Way, Rosé.” There are nearly 3 million pictures on Instagram tagged #rosé. The right marketing and branding, coupled with attractive packaging and influencer associations came together to further propel an already hugely popular wine into a stratospheric level. Another influence in its rise came from celebrities joining the movement and producing their o...

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As you know, red Burgundy is skyrocketing in price, but more recently, the top white Burgundy producers have taken note and are starting to raise prices just because their red counterparts are. Nowhere is this more evident than in Corton Charlemagne where just a few years ago, most bottles were priced around $80-125. Now, many wines start at $140 and go to thousands for the top ones like Coche Dury.

I see this trend continuing and wouldn't be surprised if many of the wines you’ve known and loved are $400 bottles in the next few years. Are they worth it? I'll let the market figure that out, but ...

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Robert Parker announced his retirement from The Wine Advocate last week, marking the end of a 40 year career. What does this mean for the fine wine business?

Today, it's easy to forget just how big Parker's contributions to both the wine consumer and the wine industry really were, but let's look back to 1978 when it all began. 

1) Parker created the 100 point rating system, which was revolutionary, and with it, increased global interest in wine.

2) Parker was the first critic to expand upon Emile Peynaud's "The Taste of Wine: The Art and Science of Wine Appreciation" in a way that gave depth, cla...

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Our team recently traveled to Bordeaux for the 2018 En Primeur campaign and spent days tasting barrel samples at many top chateaux. They tasted over 100 wines on both the Left Bank and Right Bank and reported back with the following information:

Team 1:

2018 was an unusual vintage to say the least. The entire region experienced an unprecedented amount of rainfall through the spring months until mid-July. The rain caused headaches for many producers as they fought diligently to protect their vines from mildew. Several chateaux lost a significant portion of their crop to mildew causing overall pro...

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Nothing goes better together than wine and cheese, but not every cheese pairs with every wine. Impress your friends at your next get together by doing the perfect cheese and wine spread.

Pairing Tips:

Always taste the wine before you taste the cheese. Cheese has a much bigger impact on the flavors and aromas in wine than the other way around.

You want to make sure the texture of the cheese and the wine are compatible. If the cheese is heavy, it is less likely to go with a light wine since the wine will get overpowered by the strong cheese.

Hard cheeses, like cheddar, go best with oaky wines.

Note o...

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Searching for exciting quality wines that are also affordable? We're your source to not only the most sought-after, rare wines on the planet, we're also equally passionate about discovering inexpensive gems that still taste like the world's greatest wines. Below, we’re sharing seven wines that you need to have on your wine list for spring and summer, and the best part is that they’re all under $25!

2018 D'Esclans Whispering Angel Rose - Kick off spring and summer with this seasonal favorite, Whispering Angel Rosé! The new 2018 vintage just checked into stock and will sell out quickly. It has a ...

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Top Easter WinesEaster is quickly approaching, and we have the greatest wines for you to pour with your Easter celebration!

Here are ten amazing wines - five Chardonnays and five Pinot Noirs from Burgundy and California that are sure to impress you and your guests.



2015 Wilde Farm Pinot Noir Donnelly Creek Vineyard Anderson Valley - An earthy wine, like this one, is a great one for your Easter Dinner. Its black plum, allspice, strawberries and minerals make it a really delicious and complex tasting for your meal. It’s under $25 and a great value when it comes to California Pinot Noir. 

2015 Brewer-Cl...

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Champagne Gifts for the Bride and GroomIt’s wedding season again with love and dancing in the air. Nothing really tops off a wedding quite like a champagne toast. Something about popping that cork makes it seem so official! So why not gift the bride and groom an amazing bottle of champagne that they can enjoy on a future anniversary or special occasion?

If you’ve recently received a wedding invitation, or are certain one is coming your way, here are five champagnes to gift the future Mr. and Mrs. this year.  

Delamotte Brut - Uncork this wine to find that the warm bread, nutty and ginger accents will give you that blissful wedding da...

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5 White Wines to Spring into this SeasonIt’s that time of year again. We’ve moved our clocks forward, we’ve opened up the curtains and maybe are doing a bit of spring cleaning. Well, there is one thing that the season wouldn’t be complete without, and that is wine! Nothing breaks in spring like enjoying a glass of white wine while sitting on your porch or at the lake.

Here are some white wines to kick start your spring!

2015 Brewer-Clifton Chardonnay Santa Rita Hills  - This springtime favorite at Sokolin with its notes of buttered citrus rind, candied lemons and honeycomb is a refreshing splash on a warm day. It took three different ...

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